Price reduction for all of our Virtual Servers

Our new VPS prices

One of our main objectives is to offer cost-effective products that undercut the prices of our competitors. Therefore, we have rolled out a substantial update to our VPS pricing.

The new price has significantly better value for even better high performance. We have also fully automated our platform so that your VPS is delivered within minutes after payment.

*With new customers, the first order is reviewed, which can take a little longer.

Hostio VPS X2

  • 2 vCores (AMD)
  • 2GB RAM DDR4
  • 25GB NVMe
  • 5TB Traffic per month
  • Netherlands
5 /month

Hostio VPS X8

  • 8 vCores (AMD)
  • 8GB RAM DDR4
  • 150GB NVMe
  • 20TB Traffic per month
  • Netherlands
18 /month

For our new platform we ordered some brand new hardware with the best performance. For the CPU we have used Dual AMD Epyc 7452 32C / 64T which gives us 64 Cores and 128 Threads.
To ensure the best disk performance, we used hot swappable Samsung Enterprise NVMe SSDs, and RAID 10 for redundancy and performance.

To top it off, the VPS nodes feature dual 10Gbps connection to our redundant Juniper Core network.

Hostio VPS X16

  • 16 vCores (AMD)
  • 16GB RAM DDR4
  • 300GB NVMe
  • 25TB Traffic per month
  • Netherlands
36 /month

Are you looking for the best performance but don’t want to manage your server yourself? Then our Managed solution with DirectAdmin would be the best option where we fully manage and monitor your server completely.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

We also offer Virtual Dedicated Servers. Same as bare metal but with the added advantages of virtualization. 

Contact us for details

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