Server Colocation

We offer colocation for your servers

Do you want to avoid the hassle and costs of running your own data center, while maintaining control and ownership of your servers? Then colocation is something for you. With colocation from Hostio Solutions, you’ll be assured that your and your customers’ hardware are taken care of.

Colocation pricing

Hostio Colo 1U

  • 1U rack space
  • 0.5A Power
  • Power included
  • 1x1Gbps uplink
  • 5TB Traffic
  • 1x IPv4 + 1x IPv6

Hostio Colo 2U

  • 2U rack space
  • 1A Power
  • Power included
  • 2x1Gbps uplink
  • 10TB Traffic
  • 2x IPv4 + 2x IPv6

Half Rack

  • 22U rack space
  • 16A power capacity
  • 0,19 cent per kWh
  • 2x1Gbps / 2x10Gbps
  • 250Mbps 95%
  • IP space optional
  • PDU included
  • 2x Access cards

Full Rack

  • 50U rack space
  • 32A power capacity
  • 0,19 cent per kWh
  • 2x1Gbps / 2x10Gbps
  • 500Mbps 95%
  • IP space optional
  • PDU included
  • 5x Access cards
  • Own secure rack


  • BGP session for own IP announcement €12 per month, €45 setup
  • Remote hands per hour €95 – during business hours
  • Remote hands per hour €195 – outside business hours and weekends

Advantages of colocation at Hostio Solutions

Short-term provision of racks and spaces

Scalable infrastructure

Premium individual support

Premium network

DDoS protection to counter high-volume attacks


  • Mention brand and model. We allow the collocation of relative new hardware.
  • Supply sliding rack rails and a short C13 power cable for your server.
  • We open and perform a general inspection of the server before we install it in the rack. We send photos after installation for log keeping purposes.
  • We aim to offer the highest support and quality possible. We take good care of your and/or your customers’ hardware. It’s our core business. However, colocation with us is fully at your own risk. Please make sure you have proper insurance for your hardware in case of fire, damage, failure, theft, etc.

It is possible to use your own IP space on our network. This can now be done next-hop or via a BGP session. We only offer BGP default route

We use Serverius Dronten, which is located in the Netherlands. We are currently using their brand new suite that meets all requirements of safety and security.

No, we generally do not offer physical access to the datacenter. However, customers who rent a half or full rack can get data center access

Create & verify an account in our customer portal if you want to collocate with us