Managed Hosting

The best performance and security for a great user experience

As a developer or organization, you probably don’t want to worry about the hosting and security of your websites and applications. However, these things are super important for the performance and safety of your online business. So, it’s key to have this well organized.

Managed Hosting at Hostio solutions means that we take care of the availability and security of your website and/or application. Our engineers secure, manage, and monitor your hosting environment 24/7 and take action when needed. With regular optimizations and monitoring, we can ensure the best performance so that you can continue focusing on your business.

Why Managed Hosting?

The best performance & 24/7/365 support
We constantly monitor the middleware and infrastructure. Security risks are detected early with advanced monitoring tools and tackled immediately by a team of network and security experts.

No stress, risks or high costs

At Hostio Solutions, you don’t have to worry about security, the data centre, the connection to the internet, or other risks related to hosting: we manage this for you. This means no stress, risks, or high costs.

Service Level Agreement

Every managed service comes with an SLA. With a Service Level Agreement (SLA) we ensure that your websites and applications stay up and running.


Depending on your requirements, managed hosting can be done on a virtual server or dedicated server. It is also possible to set up an entire cluster if you have a large website or application.

These are your options

Hostio Solutions is more than happy to handle the setup, administration, management, and support of your website and/or applications so you can focus on what’s really important.