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Since 2006 we’ve been providing great data center services that proxy users or resellers can use. We have a number of clients who are with us for quite a long time already. Even though we do not have knowledge of the proxy market ourselves and it’s not our core business, we are experts when it comes to IT. We only supply the IT infrastructure, data center services, and technical support for it. The rest is up to you, your responsibility, and risk.

Hostio Proxy Services

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Hostio Proxy Check

With our Hostio Proxy Check service, we check your ranges against the sites of your choice. We’ll test several available IPv4 ranges we have and send you the report. You can then decide if you want to rent them and choose the IPv4 ranges from the list.

One time

Data Sharing

Hostio Managed ASN

You need to order and use your own dedicated “Hostio Managed ASN”. This ASN is exclusive to you. This means that you have your own network and will not have any problems with other proxy resellers.

Per month


Setup fee

Premium Hosting

Hostio IPv4

You can use our clean IPv4 ranges. Our current pricing and billing cycle discounts per /24 (256 IP addresses) are:

Per month


Per 3 months

€450 €405

Per 6 months

€900 €765


€45 per order

Hostio VPS

With our fast Hostio VPS, you have full control and choose your own configuration. You can choose up to 400GB SSD storage, 16GB of RAM, and 8 powerful Intel Xeon cores.

Hostio Proxmox VPS X8 (4 CPU vCores / 8GB RAM)

€83 per month

Hostio Proxmox VPS X16 (8 CPU vCores / 16GB RAM)

€156 per month

*Max 4x/24 ranges allowed per server

Database Management

Hostio Dedi

We have a wide range of dedicated servers available. For proxies, we advise using our VPS platform. However, if you still require a dedicated server please mention the minimum requirement so we can supply you with a quote.


Hostio IP Announcement

With this service, you can announce your own external IP ranges on our Hostio infrastructure. It’s best to announce as many ranges as possible at the same time.

Per month




All of our services are fine-tuned, blazing-fast, and ready for you!

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Internet Connection

Why choose Hostio Solutions?

Premium infrastructure

Because of our fast servers, extremely stable connection and premium infrastructure, you will have the highest possible performance during any drop.


With our Managed ASN, you’re not impacted by what other resellers do.

Personal service

We value every customer. This is why our team is here to help you every day of the week, any hour of the day.

Affordable Prices

We offer among the best prices in the industry. Compare away!


Hostio Proxy Check

Each proxy reseller has different requirements (scraping, SEO, tickets, e-commerce). We advise you to first use this service to check our ranges against the sites of your choice. With this service we set up a VPS with Squid on our main/secondary ASN and test all the URLs (max 10) you supply to us. We’ll test several available IPv4 ranges we have and send you the report. You can then decide if you want to rent them and choose the IPv4 ranges from the list. This service offers **no** guarantee. However, with a limited fee, you can at least do a check in advance.


Disclaimer: we test ranges on a separate unused ASN. We take no responsibility for what your destination sites do when announcing the range on another ASN.

Managed ASN

We do not allow proxy/VPN resellers on our main ASN anymore. It’s not in your own interest either.

For the managed ASN you need:

* Company registration and/or ID copy needed for the RIPE application

The delivery time is 3 to 7 days after we’ve received the signed application back from you. If you want to have a quick delivery we’ll install your servers under our secondary ASN. When your own managed ASN is delivered we will reconnect your servers. 

Hostio IPv4

Yes, that’s possible. If you do not need our servers and network but want to announce ranges on your own network we will supply you a LOA/ROA. For this purpose, we also need to verify your company and data center. In RIPE we can set the country of your choice. Other Geolocation services (e.g. with Maxmind) you have to handle yourself. We have a knowledge base article with more information.

Update SEP-2020: Due to the IPv4 scarcity we do not allow our IPv4 ranges to be used outside our infrastructure. You can only do that with our (virtual) server solutions.

To announce your own external IP ranges on our Hostio Infrastructure  you will need the following:

  • For ranges outside the RIPE region we need a LOA (letter of authorization)
  • For ranges within the RIPE region we need proper permission to create the route object. The old route object must be removed.

GEO Location

Within the RIPE database objects, we set the country according to your order. But for other more detailed GEO location settings please check our knowledge base article for actions you should take yourself: GEO Location.

Need a different solution?

Don’t worry, we got you covered! We offer other solutions that are bound to meet your requirements. Contact us for more information

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