Hosting Solutions

Netherlands based IT infrastructure supplier focusing worldwide on hosting companies and resellers.


Our infrastructure is highly scalable. Expecting a lot of traffic? We will scale up your servers.

Fast support

Our team will answer all your questions within less than a few hours, even in the evening and weekend. You can reach us through email or our control panel.

Data Center

Our redundant network and server hardware runs in a state of the art data center at in Dronten (Netherlands) that is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

Virtual Server

Powerful AMD EPYC VPS with blazing fast NVMe storage and a redundant 10Gbps fiber connection to ensure the best performance and stability. You can choose between various Operating Systems, such as CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Dedicated Server

Brand new Bare Metal Servers with powerful AMD EPYC CPU, blazing-fast NVMe storage, and delivery within a few hours after payment. We ensure you get the best experience with our highly skilled support team and onsite engineers.

IPv4 Rental

Address space available for rent and lease on any network or hosted on our network. Our IP-addresses are clean. The addresses we provide can be used with all servers that you can rent from us, which makes it ideal for hosting providers.


Active since 2006, Hostio Solutions (a label of Access2.IT Group B.V) has always existed for one purpose: to provide good hosting and servers with personal service. We are privately owned with no shareholders, our customers come first! We always strive to provide hosting that meets and exceeds your high expectations.


Hostio Solutions is a label of Access2.IT Group B.V. which is a member of RIPE NCC. We buy and maintain our ranges directly at RIPE.
RIPE is sold out as of November 2019. Hostio Solution still has IPv4 ranges in stock for rental. Get them for your servers before our stock is depleted.