Autonomous System Numbers

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To request an Autonomous System Number (ASN) you need to have a contractual agreement with the RIPE NCC. To do this you either have to be a member or you have to find a Sponsoring LIR. The Sponsoring LIR can submit the request on your behalf. Access2.IT can be your Sponsoring LIR and submit the request.


Hostio ASN

95 per year
  • We request an ASN in your name by means of a signed RIPE agreement.
  • The ASN is announced and managed on our network.
  • If you want, you can supply two Upstream providers.
  • We need your company registration papers and a copy of your passport/ID/driver's license

Hostio ASN Transfer

45 for the first year
  • Transfer your already existing RIPE ASN to our LIR.
  • We provide you with the necessary documents.
  • After you've requested the transfer and we've confirmed the transfer, the ASN will be announced on our network.
  • You'll get a discount on the first year of transfer. After this year, you will pay the regular fee, which is €95,- per yer.
  • GEO IP / Location

  • Technical Support 

  • Remote Hands

You can announce external ranges on your ASN at Hostio Solutions​.

Announcing external IPv4 ranges to your ASN on a new server is free of charge. Announcing them on an existing server has a setup fee of €45.

You’ll have your own, exclusive network: it isn’t shared with other customers.

Managed ASN

With our Managed ASN, you don’t need any technical knowledge to use an ASN on our network. We arrange, maintain, and monitor everything for you.

With a managed ASN you can use your AS number on multiple servers: Virtual Servers, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation. We do the installation and configuration on the network and server. With our service, you can use the range on any server with a maximum of 1024 IPs per server.

You can use your own ASN or obtain an ASN through us.

More information

An autonomous system number (ASN) is a unique number assigned to an autonomous system (AS) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

An AS consists of blocks of IP addresses that have a distinctly defined routing policy for accessing external networks and are administered by a single organization. However, they may be made up of several operators.

Having your own ASN can be beneficial in several different ways:

  • Full control over traffic
  • An individual network identity
  • IP address portability
  • Flexible network management
  • Direct peering with IXPs
  • Hosting companies
  • Game Hosters
  • Resellers
  • Corporate
  • Clients renting IPv4 subnets from us

The application for a (sponsored) ASN via Hostio Solutions, a label of Access2.IT, can be done as a private person or a company/organization.

The following information is required for application as a company

  •  Company name
  •  Full names of all owners
  •  Full company address
  •  Zip Code
  •  City
  •  Country
  •  Phone Number
  •  Email address 
  •  Company registration ID
  • Official registration document
  • An IPv4 or IPv6 range

The following information is required for application as a private person

  • Full name
  • Full address
  • Zip Code
  • City
  • Country
  • Phone Number
  • Email address 
  • PDF scan of your passport (you can blur the photo)
  • An IPv4 or IPv6 range

If you don’t have an IPv4 or IPV6 range registered in your name, we can supply one. For this, we charge a small service fee.

Some details will be publicly available in the RIPE database.

If you want, you can supply 2 Upstream ASNs from peering partners. Applications for an ASN must have upstreams in the RIPE region with an active network.


  • The ASN must mainly be used within the RIPE region. From there you can expand your ASN for usage in other countries outside the RIPE region
    • You need to set up your ASN with BGP as standalone at the locations so you can use your ASN in several data centers and your IP ranges
      • Technically: You can configure your ASN on 2 different data centers/hosting providers and set up a BGP session with your provider at both locations. You can use each range at 1 location at a time. 
  • An ASN can also be used in the USA if the ASN has an active network within the RIPE region. If the ASN is active within the RIPE region we can add USA Upstream/data centers in the RIPE database.

Your data center must be able to supply the upstream (RIPE region).

You can ask your provider for the BGP session information and other required steps that must be done.

The ASN is ‘white-label’ and there will be no reference to Hostio Solutions. Only to Access2.IT as the sponsoring LIR.

When you request changes to your ASN, RIPE will reflect the changes immediately. This also applies to installing, moving, adding servers and IPv4 / IPv6 ranges to your ASN.

However, we have no control over the speed external (GEO) database providers use to update their systems. If needed, you can contact them directly with a change request.

For ASN changes in RIPE, we charge a small fee.

Ordering your ASN

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Very well deserved 5-star rating - I work with these guys to cover my company's hosting & RIPE IPs needs, and they are on top of their game putting a lot of competition to shame. Hosting is stable with super low latencies to countries we target (i.e. UK, DE, FR, NL), IPv4 ranges are freshly baked in RIPE oven & custom-hosting solutions are priced competitively making an excellent one-stop-shop for all things IT/hosting. You will never feel neglected either - as a one-person company, I work odd hours (midnight-time) and it is normal to receive a ticket reply (not automated!) within 10 minutes! Can't recommend enough.


Hostio Solutions are a great IT firm. They have provided high-quality support on all my products/services I have purchased from them or am hosting with them. I cannot provide enough emphasis on how great their support really is, it honestly blows any competition out the water. Not only that, their infrastructure is top tier too. They host on a super-fast DC built clearly on great hardware, the hosting is stable and reliable. Highly recommend!