Network Infrastructure

Our network is routed by top-of-the-line Juniper Edge Routers. Our Juniper Network runs completely redundant with multiple 10G and 40G connections. These are connected to transit, internet exchanges, and private peering.

All of our TOR (top-of-rack) switches are equipped with double redundant 10G connections to our core routers.

We operate from our own network and have redundant core routers. 

Hostio Solutions, a label of Access2.IT Group B.V., is a hosting provider in the Netherlands. Since 2006, we have been providing our customers with hosting services and servers of impeccable quality. Our mission is to make our customer’s businesses successful, which in turn makes us successful.


Private networking

It’s possible to use private networking with your dedicated servers. By doing this you can set up a private network that is completely separate from the internet on the base of layer 2. This means that you can enjoy unlimited data traffic between your servers.


Sufficient capacity

Our infrastructure is built in such a way that you have sufficient capacity. This ensures that the chance you’ll experience problems in case of a DDoS attack is very small.



We always protect our own network against DDoS attacks, However, it is possible to purchase additional protection for this. If the attack is too large, the IP address is automatically null routed to prevent any disturbances.


We monitor our network 24/7 and are always informed through various channels in case of a disturbance.

Floating IPs in your own VLAN

Our network is set up in such a way that you can use Floating IPs in your own VLAN. This gives you the possibility to set up a high availability environment.

IP announcement

You have the possibility to announce your IP range via our AS or get a BGP session and do the IP announcement yourself.

Uptime Guarantee

Our network is fully built with Juniper enterprise hardware, enabling us to offer the best in performance with the lowest latency. We also have several network engineers that can intervene 24/7 if necessary.

Premium Network

We are one of the few Dutch providers that offer a premium network (AS208258). We can do this because we have a fully redundant connection and a direct connection to major parties. We monitor our IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity 24/7 for our infrastructure and services.

Latency speed

Are you curious about the latency and performance of our network? We have an online test server available so you can test it!

Test IPv4:
Test IPv6: 2a0e:5540::29
Looking glass:

100MB speedtest file: 1000MB speedtest file: 10000MB speedtest file: