IPv4 & IPv6 Lease/Rental

Rent/Lease clean IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from Hostio Solutions

We deliver online solutions for websites, hosting providers, intranet and media. We are a member of the RIPE NCC. This means that we buy and maintain our ranges directly at RIPE. You can rent our 100% clean IPv4 and/or IPv6 addresses.

When renting IP addresses from us, we add your contact information in the RIPE WHOIS database, and provide you a Letter of Authorization.

Extra information about Hostio's IP rental service

Hostio Solutions is a label of Access2.IT. We always aim for the highest quality and this applies to our IP addresses. They may not be used for spam, phishing or any other illegal activities. IP addresses must be clean at all times. Of course, it can happen that an IP address gets blacklisted. If IP addresses are misused and/or appear on a blacklist, the customer must resolve this within 24 hours. If the IP addresses is still misused or blacklisted, we will charge 50 euro per IP address to resolve this. If the misuse of IP addresses continues we can take back the leased IP addresses / ranges (‘revoked’). The amount of the remaining contract period will be invoiced and no refunds will be possible.

We provide 100% clean ranges. To ensure this, we use a powerful software that runs each IPv4 address against 100+ global IP blacklists. We provide a detailed IPv4 blacklist report.

Our IP ranges can be used in Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Australia and Africa.

Long-term clients or clients with longer billing periods are entitled to certain benefits and discounts. Contact us to know more about the available options.

Included in the setup costs is a Letter of Autorization (LOA). A LOA is a legal document (we email to you in PDF format) in which you forward to your upstream provider (generally dedicated server provider). This permits them to announce our IP addresses you lease from us, on their network.

If you’d like to apply for a RIPE ASN, our parent company, Access2.IT Group B.V., can act as a sponsoring LIR.

For this service we can use our upstream providers or you can provide us with two upstream providers.

Access2.IT Group B.V. is a Netherlands based company selling and supporting infrastructure services under the label Hostio. We must apply the Dutch tax rules. We do not sell physical goods but only services.

  • All Dutch companies and private persons need to pay 21% VAT.
  • Customers outside the EU do not need to pay VAT.
  • EU customers (companies and private persons) outside the Netherlands must supply a valid VAT otherwise we’re not able to deliver our services to you.


Hostio Solutions is a label of Access2.IT Group B.V. which is a member of RIPE NCC. We buy and maintain our ranges directly at RIPE.
RIPE is sold out as of November 2019. Hostio Solution still has IPv4 ranges in stock for rental. Get them for your servers before our stock is depleted.