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Everything You Need To Know About IPv4 Blacklisting

Most of us have experienced or heard of networking attacks such as phishing, malware, or spammy emails. These online attacks often originate from a computer that uses the internet (an IP address) to find its way to your device. There are a lot of organizations, such as Spamhaus.org, that track down these malicious IPv4 addresses and blacklist them. In this article, we will dive deeper into this topic and tell you everything you need to know about IPv4 blacklisting.

What is IPv4 Blacklisting?

IPv4 blacklisting is very common in today’s IPv4 marketplace. It is a method used to prevent cybercrime and control spam. It, in other words, filters out malicious or illegitimate IP addresses from accessing your networks. Blacklists are lists that contain ranges or individual IP addresses that you might want to block. Every blacklist has its own criteria for blacklisting IP addresses. Users can use public blacklists to block connections from malicious IP addresses and report potential threats. 

Why it’s important to check IPv4 blacklisting when buying ranges

It’s important to know whether or not the IPv4 addresses you’re planning to buy aren’t blacklisted. Having an IP address that is blacklisted can affect the reputation of your company. Although it’s possible to check IPv4 addresses for blacklisting on your own, it can get a bit complicated. Therefore, it’s important to buy IPv4 addresses from reliable and expert brokers.

A reliable broker will use all their technical knowledge and specialized software to ensure that the ranges you want to buy have not been used for criminal activities. 

How to remove IPv4 addresses from blacklists

Each blacklist varies in how they handle IP blacklisting and how you can be removed from that blacklist. In fact, not all blacklists allow the manual removal of IPv4 addresses. In this case, there is nothing else you can do other than wait until they remove you from their blacklist. However, when manual removal is possible, there are typically two things you need to do:

  1. You need to use their tools to find your own IPv4 address in their blacklist. This will show you if you’re blacklisted and when you were added to the list.
  2. Once you’ve found your IPv4 address on the list, you can manually submit a request to be “unblacklisted”. Once you’ve done this, removal can take up to a week depending on the organization’s policies. 
  3. Once your request is accepted, you’ll have to make sure that IP blacklisting doesn’t happen again.

Hostio Solutions & Blacklisting

Hostio Solutions takes blacklisting very seriously. One of our goals is to always provide you with high-quality and clean IPv4 blocks. Before we buy IPv4 blocks, we always use our own reliable software to scan them against approximately 109 blacklist providers with Nixstats.com. Furthermore, we use several sources to stay up to date on blacklisting information and constantly monitor our ranges. Alongside this, by combining our technical expertise and tools, we are able to avoid unreliable blacklists.

Do you need a clean IPv4 range?

We have 100% clean IPv4 addresses available for rental. 

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