Here’s why your blog should have VPS hosting

Are you thinking about starting a blog, but have no idea which hosting plan to choose? Then VPS hosting is a great option!

VPS hosting is short for Virtual Private Server hosting. It can be described as a number of virtual servers, inside a larger, more powerful server. Each virtual server has its own resources such as CPU, RAM, bandwidth, storage, etc. 

To make it a bit easier to understand you can see VPS hosting as sharing an apartment complex where you live with other people in the same building. Each of you has their own apartment and own resources but share the same compound. Of course, what your neighbors do is none of your business. Unless they start a fire that affects the whole building!

Advantages of (Managed) VPS hosting

Having VPS hosting has many advantages over shared hosting and other hosting options. So here’s some VPS magic:

1. Increased security

Shared hosting is the cheapest option, but has a huge disadvantage: the security isn’t the best. If one user of a shared server decides to do something bad, this affects everyone else on the server. This means your server can slow down or even crash completely. With VPS hosting you don’t have these issues, because you have your own server. This means better security, performance, reliability, and stability.

2. Cost-efficiency

Most people think VPS hosting only suits businesses with a larger budget. However, this is not true at all. VPS hosting is becoming more and more affordable and there are many options to choose from.

3. Control over the server

With VPS hosting you get your own server. This means you can tweak it to meet your needs whenever you want. Also, there is no limit when it comes to installing software. Another plus: you often don’t have to ask for permission before changing things.

4. More flexibility

We all want our businesses to grow. But imagine your website sees an increase in traffic, but at that moment the shared server isn’t available to you or your potential customers. This means your website will not work properly. Here’s where VPS hosting comes in: you get your own resources. So no need to share bandwidth and disk space.

5. Your own control panel

With your own VPS, you can often choose to have your own control panel, such as Directadmin and Plesk. Having your own control panel makes it easy to run multiple blogs and manage these.

6. Managed option

For everyone who prefers to outsource the technical side of hosting, there are managed solutions. With a managed solution you can focus on your blog, whilst Hostio Solutions takes care of all the technical maintenance and security. Hostio Solutions also delivers a control panel.

VPS hosting offers the best services at an affordable price. It’s also great when it comes to security and privacy.

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