How Hostio Solutions increases Hosting Providers’ revenue

One of Hostio Solutions’ goals is to provide high-quality hosting services so that you can do the same. When your business is successful, we are as well. Our client-focused services are designed to bring you new revenue streams and improve your quality.

What do we offer to Hosting Providers?

Generally, hosting providers can be divided into two different groups:

  1. Hosting providers who have their own infrastructure. This group often uses our remote hands or IP rental.
  2. Hosting providers that don’t have their own infrastructure and therefore resell our infrastructure or offer their own services on our infrastructure. 

With both options, you will experience the best quality with enterprise-level support.

Why should hosting providers choose Hostio Solutions?

Since 2006, we’ve created great conditions for hosting providers that want to resell our products and services. By customizing our services, we can help you choose the best solution for you and your business. We have a great infrastructure with high performance, availability, and flexibility.

Hostio Solutions has a variety of Managed Services available. These do not only help you as a hosting provider, but also other clients. When reselling our services, our support team is here to help you and your clients every step of the way.

We’re most proud of the IP address market that we’ve created. We can offer you a variety of IPv4 and IPv6 ranges, including any other service you need with renting one.

Our clients often inspire us to add new features. Whenever there is a demand for something new, we do our best to deliver this as soon as possible. 


System Preferences
Customization options
Web Monitoring
Online Support
Great support
Feedback Form
Continuous development


How Hostio brings revenue to hosting providers

Our solutions keep websites and applications running smoothly 24/7. This ensures a more positive user experience, which in turn can lead to higher revenues and ROI for your business.

Furthermore, Hosting Providers can save lots of time by outsourcing their services or reselling our services to their clients. In turn, you will have more time for what you’re really good at, for example, running your business and doing sales.

What can you resell as a hosting provider?

Each of our resellers adds their own value on top of our premium infrastructure & we’d have it no other way. You can resell our high-quality Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers, and announce your IPv4 or IPv6 on our infrastructure. Furthermore, you can resell several hosting services, colocation, LIR services and remote hands. This can all be done white-label.

Internet Connection
IPv4 & IPv6
File System
LIR Services
Web Design
Control Panels
Premium Hosting
Virtual Servers & Dedicated Servers

Hostio Solutions’ tips for hosting providers

If you’re just getting started in the hosting industry, we have a few tips to help you:

  1. Specialize in a specific niche
  2. Cut down costs by updating your server provider. Important here is finding a plan that fits your hosting needs.
  3. Create unique advertisements that reach new audiences
  4. Exchange articles with other websites to create more exposure and a better SEO
  5. Sell extra features that your customers need
  6. Directly offer your services to businesses through microtargeting
  7. Add interesting content to your website 

Our team is customer-driven and highly flexible. If you’d like us to help your business, let us know.


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