How we keep our IP addresses clean

At Hostio Solutions, keeping our IP addresses clean is a top priority. We keep our IP addresses clean by using for our blacklist (RBL) monitoring.

Thanks to Nixstats, we can monitor our IP addresses on 109 blacklisted providers. Partly because of their system, we can generate our own links that we can give to our customers. This allows them to have an overview of all the IP addresses they purchase.

Monitoring with Nixstats allows us to intervene quickly in case of problems before we receive any abuse reports and worsen any IP reputation. Thanks to Nixstats, we have been able to deal with blacklisting quickly and thus improve the reputation of our IP addresses. In some cases, we have stopped the service due to blacklisting/spam problems.

When we started using Nixstats, we proposed several improvements. Nixstats implemented these within a few hours/days. Of course, this makes us even happier to collaborate with them.

Within blacklist monitoring, we now have the option to give certain blacklisting priorities (by means of a low, mid, high, and priority level). This means that blacklisting on the priority level will always show up fist and low will show up last. Furthermore, we have to option to exclude certain blacklisted parties from monitoring.

We highly recommend other hosting providers and IP brokers to use for their blacklist monitoring. By doing this, they can intervene before things go wrong and keep their IP addresses clean.

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