The RIPE NCC is out of IPv4 Addresses

On 25 November 2019, the not-for-profit organization is responsible for allocating and registering IP addresses across Europe, parts of Central Asia and the Middle East announced that they made their final /22 IPv4 allocation. Which means that they “have run out of IPv4 addresses”. 

The IPv4 run-out didn’t come as a surprise for network operators, who have been anticipating this moment since 2012.

In their announcement, RIPE said: “even though we have run out, we will continue to recover IPv4 addresses in the future.” The IPv4 addresses that are recovered by RIPE NCC will be allocated via a waiting list. The problem here is that this will only be a few hundred thousand IPv4 addresses per year, whilst there are many millions of addresses required by networks today. 

The IPv4 scarcity has raised concerns about the growth of our internet, which is now unnecessarily limited. 

IPv6, the IPv4’s successor, has not been widely adopted. The biggest part of the internet still runs on the older IPv4 network.

So, will the world be able to move to IPv6 soon? Probably not. 

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