Web Hosting, your own VPS or dedicated server?

If you’ve heard terms like Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and more, you might have wondered what they mean and what they can do for you. That’s why today we’re sharing some of the key differences between the three and which one you should choose.

Key differences between webhosting, VPS, and dedicated server

Let’s start with the differences!


With normal web hosting, also known as shared hosting, your server is shared by many other sites. This means that it’s often cheaper, but also has limited bandwidth and performance capabilities.

You can compare shared hosting to a traditional family’s shared phone data plan: sometimes one person uses so much data that there is not much left for the rest of the family. However, the costs are cheaper than buying an unlimited data plan for each family member.

Your own VPS

Are you expecting a lot of visitors on your website? Then a VPS might be a better choice. With VPS hosting your website technically has both shared hosting and dedicated hosting. You still share resources present on a single server. However, the web host places restrictions on who can use the resources. This protects you from other users.

There are many benefits of using VPS hosting for your website. Examples are improved performance, more control, greater customization options, and more flexibility. Furthermore, a VPS can handle a lot more traffic. The downside is that it costs a bit more than shared hosting.

Hostio Solution offers both unmanaged and managed VPS plans. Unmanaged plans are great for those who want to be responsible for everything related to the server’s software. Managed plans are better for those who want all the benefits of a VPS, but do not want to be responsible for the technical maintenance or installation. With a managed solution you can fully focus on your business.

You can view Hostio Solutions’ VPS hosting plans here

VPS Hosting Plans

Dedicated server

With a dedicated server, the server is fully dedicated to serving your website. This means you’re not sharing the same server with other websites anymore. It’s basically an empty server that you can use however you want. The biggest advantages of a dedicated server are that your website will be a lot faster and secure.

Which one should I choose?

When choosing between normal web hosting, your own VPS, or a dedicated server it’s important to consider where you are now and what your end goal is. For a lot of websites, shared hosting is more than enough. However, if your website is growing quickly and you need better hosting, a VPS might be a better option. For the ones who really need the best for their website (tons of visitors, max out on RAM & the most security) or have special needs, a dedicated server is the best choice.

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